Best cleanup effect
Light, fast, advert-less, and even more complete
Deep cleaning
The cleaning effect goes beyond your imaginations
System cache, application residue, advertising garbage, memory release, application installation package, etc., comprehensive coverage, deeper clean up, more complete, more thorough
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Picture segmentation
Automatically allocate photos
Filter similar pictures and blurring pictures smartly, clean up bad pictures, along with the larger-memory picture compression function, release more picture space
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Create a wonderful cleanup tool with utmost care
NoxCleaner delivers advert-less, smooth and unobstructed user experience
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Small But Effective
NoxCleaner is very fantastic and smart at a very small size.
Even though this tool is a lot smaller in size than other similar apps, it doesn’t feel light on features. Compared to the other cleaners, it can give your more extra RAM and storage space that you need.
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